The Project

The Coin Harvey House has been left to a foundation for use as a historically preserved building. Its present status is of neglect and disrepair. There are serious foundation and roofing problems.

This Sanborn map (date unknown) from Marshall University's archives is significant for the restoration because it shows what the original footprint looked like.

The exterior plaster has begun to fall from the building. Security is being provided by an occupant, and the heat is provided to keep the house from further deterioration and vandalism.

How imminent is the threat? Extreme: The building will not be salvageable if the roof and foundation are not repaired immediately. A new roof and some drainage repairs would go a long way to preserving the building.

We have had an architect prepare a plan of development and estimates from a grant provided by the West Virginia State Historic Preservation office. The prospect for success is hopeful.

The historic architect hired for the survey grant recommended that we remove the various add-ons to the building and focus our energies and resources on the original building.

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